wrangler jeep


1 Customized front angry grill assy specification
2 Modified front 9 inch fenders with inset indicator lamps
3 Restyled Rear 6 inch wheel arches with allen head studs
4 Styled side scoops with mesh
5 Wrangler Bonnet scoop
6 Modified rear bumper with led lights
7 Modified front bumper with winch space and 18w led fog lights
8 Wrangler bonnet hitch locks
9 Customized large windshield with tuff glass
10 Hard Top assembly -fully automatic 32 inch sunroof driver portion
11 Hard Top assembly – passenger portion
12 Spare wheel carrier with lock assy
13 Rubicon led tail lights
14 snorkel kit
limb riser kit
15 wrangler side view mirror
16 Windshield light bracket  with  led lights
17 50 inch Led light bar
18 18 w fog lights
19 30 w LED headlights
20 Wrangler led tail lights
21 Rear corner body arm kit
22 DOG Born shackle kit
23 custom body lift kit
24 9000 lbs American winch and farm jack
25 center lock with autometic power window
Compfort Roof carriear attach 48 inch farm jack and 10 lit jerry can
26 stylish Rock slider and Diff Guard
27 Rear Carbon fiber leaf suspension
28 CFL Flag pole
29 2 inch wheel spacers
30 US sickens solid paint
31 off road 33. INCH mud tires
32 10 j STEEL  wheels
1 Elegant customized upholstery
2 Stylish leather wrapped interiors
3 2DIN DVD music system with headrest TV & speakers
4 Neat rear door trim panel
5 Inner skinning
6 Ergonomically designed space frame
7 Wooden finished Dash board
8 console box with cup holders
9 Rear capton seats with arm rest
10 surround system